Strictly 4 My TREKKIEZ

by 2Spock

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From nerdcore rapper Kid Apocalypse comes his first side project mixtape, 2Spock. Strictly 4 My TREKKIEZ is a four song mixtape from the sci-fi world of 2Spock, a Vulcan rap superstar who is on a five year get big or die trying.


released December 25, 2015

All songs written and performed by Quinn Allan
Intro by Jon Garcia
Love Fools was originally Titanium Folds by Kielen King
All other songs by Alex Carter



all rights reserved


2Spock Portland, Oregon

Quinn Allan is an actor, producer, and musician from Portland OR. His projects include Kid Apocalypse and 2Spock. Visit to see some of his film and acting work.

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Track Name: Love Fools
Space. The final frontier.
These are the voyages of Vulcan rap sensation 2Spock.
His continuing mission to explore strange new rhymes.
To seek out new beats, and also some internet fame.
To boldly rap what no one has rapped before.

Look I may be number two,
but I'm second to none.
Just a Science Officer,
a bit emotionally numb.

It just doesn't make sense man,
don't follow no logic.
The heart is just a muscle,
it's strictly biologic.

Say why you say you gotta follow.
that machine in your chest.
You know it's just an organ,
a blood-filled pump at it's best.

And what if you've got two?
Can you love two times as much?
I know a certain Time-Lord,
who'd say that love is just a crutch.

Yet you all talk about it,
like it's a constant of nature.
Like space, or like time,
just common nomenclature.

Like it can reach out from the earth,
and across the universe.
It's highly unlikely,
that your race just knew it first.

We've lived for millions of years,
with no such thing as love.
Only took a few hundred,
when pushes came to shove.

And that's another thing.
With love there's always hate.
Two sides of the coin,
you gotta carry all that weight.

And what you think it's worth it?
Man it seems like quite a gamble.
Especially for a feeling,
that makes you drunk and start to ramble.

Way I hear it it can break you,
make you feel incomplete.
Don't even make it sound that good,
to be swept off your feet.

In so many words,
you say that love just trips you up.
If that's the glass that's half full.
don't wanna see that empty cup.

So then can someone explain,
why it's so very celebrated?
From the data I have,
seems love is kinds overrated.

Still it's the focus of basically
every form of your art.
You don't say one from the one mind,
you just say one from the heart.

I guess that for a planet,
who still blows themselves apart.
A bloody red theme,
it's an appropriate start.

Still I can't help but feel
if you valued logic just as much.
Oh wait, that makes you cold!
Don't wanna loose that personal touch.

It's the single greatest challenge,
for me to understand.
You think the two in the bush,
are worth the one in your hand,

But I guess that's the point.
You want some mystery to solve.
You'd rather chase that lost dream,
than try and still evolve.

It's like we're solving for X
when we still don't know why.
A gigantic waste of time,
and still you won't let it die.

So let's all keep up the search,
and we'll follow our hearts.
Don't need no tools to navigate,
no way we're doomed from the start.

"With love as our guide,
we can bear whatever comes!"
You still stick to your love,
just like you stick to your guns.
Track Name: Omicron Blues
Bad news,
it's sad tunes.
Love's doomed,
to mad runes.

Some spores,
make men toons.
and whole scores,
of feels zoom.

Past me,
so fast,
these ain't gifts,
so they're curses.

They don't last,
so they pass,
still don't know,
which is the worstest.

To have loved,
and have lost.
Or to loose all,
to love.

But I choose all,
and loose all,
then booze all,
and shove.

It goes back down inside,
I keep it where it belongs.
Though I long for her song,
I still know the right form of wrong.

So don't let our bodies,
get the best of our minds.
I don't mind a new find,
but let's keep it confined.

Cause there's not much we can gain,
but so much we can loose.
So let's refrain from this game,
and for now just let me choose.

I know it's par for your course,
but for me it's new news.
Ain't no two ways about it,
I got the Omicron blues.
Track Name: Final Frontier
You say Tolkien,
and I say Vulcan.
Lost count of them pointy eared fools,
I've been smoking.

It's high stress,
but I digress,
a neck pinch would ease that stress.
That ain't no joking.

I may be a star,
but I don't like trekking.
Warp factor nine,
with all that trim I've been necking.

Hail them on the con,
at my every whim and beckon.
Arcturian poon-tang?
I just stop checking,

The trouble with Tribbles,
is that they ain't good eatin'.
They multiply faster,
than a Tom Cruise thetan.

All the Romulan ale,
won't make that meat any better,
I slather it, and batter it,
in Federation cheddar.

Pine is just fine,
but he's a poor man's Shatner.
Hoping number three,
ain't like a third from Brett Ratner.

It's fattener,
just some filler for your eyeballs,
So knock back them highballs,
and trek onto Skyfall.

Dust off that phaser,
cause I'm a regular crack shot.
I like my ladies like my tea,
Earl Grey and hot.

Tractor beams locked on,
torpedo bays primed.
It's a crime to be so fine,
straight up seven outta nine.

Once you go Borg,
man resistance is futile.
They assimilate desire,
leave you like a wet noodle.

It's a brutal way of life,
way out in deep space.
Nine times outta ten,
ain't even with your own race.

The Prime Directive,
ain't the only thing I've violated.
Got some holodeck tapes,
may be triple x-rated.

Fade to black all the time.
but no sunset to ride to.
Just a quasar,
a nebula and Rigel 2.

It's the final frontier,
and it don't get any sweeter.
Don't follow any leaders,
or feed no parking meters.

Sure as hell ain't hearing lyrics,
like they coming outta walls.
Let cylons be bygones,
and I'll watch them all fall.

It's my time to shine,
it's the 2Spock age,
Helmsman, set course.
Max warp, engage.
Track Name: First Entry
We on a voyage,
a million light years from home.
All the secrets of the universe,
go straight to your dome.

It's a mission of peace.
It's a quest for some knowledge.
To better understand,
what they taught us all in college.

We call it Starfleet,
on a Federation planet.
We passed our simulations.
Kobayashi? Yeah we ran it.

Now we Constitution Class,
and it's ours to command.
It's a power most great,
we keep it in the right hands.

We gotta mission to do,
should only take us five years.
Seek out some new life,
so long as we don't interfere.

See we got some directives,
but only one's the most prime.
I can say it in words,
it's hard to say it in rhyme.

Jimmy Kirk is in charge,
and I guess he's alright.
Seems to think with his hands,
likes to get in a fight.

And when he's not fighting,
another "f" is his vice.
In either situation,
a stronger shirt would suffice.

He's a man of some culture,
Proves he's not just all brawn.
Usually keeps a level head,
just don't say nothing bout Khan.

As to be expected,
I'm still the only Vulcan.
Not that I am lonely,
and by no means am I sulking.

But the crew can seem tense,
humans have so far to go.
Anything that looks different,
makes their prejudice show.

I'm happy with my station,
I'm anxious for the journey.
Hoping to stay safe,
and off of Bones' gurney.

Such a fascinating man,
treats me with such mistrust.
Strange for such a man,
who's prone to ignorance and lust.

But my interest reaches out,
way past the furthest star.
To the varied possibilities,
Both near and both far.

There's so much to do,
on our five year trek,
"2Spock to the bridge"
guess I'm needed on deck.

I'll have to cut this short,
but you can leave little doubt.
I'll make a second report.
First Officer 2Spock out.

Second entry,
turns out it wasn't important.
Some clearance for a merchant,
who had recently boarded.

He brought some kind of life form,
says they make a nice pet.
Maybe I should have one,
not sure how many to get.

They seem quite entertaining.
Not sure how they can eat.
They're made up mostly of fur,
with no appendages or feet.

I'll have him write me some notes,
if simply only a scribble.
It's always best to take care,
don't want no trouble with Tribbles.