Final Frontier

from by 2Spock

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This was the first song I wrote for this project. It has a much different tone than the rest. More of the West-coast gangsta rap mentality. Those who know my Kid Apocalypse stuff might notice that I keep that character a bit more tame, so it's always fun for me to write some themed rap. I have a bit of dirty mind for this kind of stuff, so it's fun to play with it a bit.


You say Tolkien,
and I say Vulcan.
Lost count of them pointy eared fools,
I've been smoking.

It's high stress,
but I digress,
a neck pinch would ease that stress.
That ain't no joking.

I may be a star,
but I don't like trekking.
Warp factor nine,
with all that trim I've been necking.

Hail them on the con,
at my every whim and beckon.
Arcturian poon-tang?
I just stop checking,

The trouble with Tribbles,
is that they ain't good eatin'.
They multiply faster,
than a Tom Cruise thetan.

All the Romulan ale,
won't make that meat any better,
I slather it, and batter it,
in Federation cheddar.

Pine is just fine,
but he's a poor man's Shatner.
Hoping number three,
ain't like a third from Brett Ratner.

It's fattener,
just some filler for your eyeballs,
So knock back them highballs,
and trek onto Skyfall.

Dust off that phaser,
cause I'm a regular crack shot.
I like my ladies like my tea,
Earl Grey and hot.

Tractor beams locked on,
torpedo bays primed.
It's a crime to be so fine,
straight up seven outta nine.

Once you go Borg,
man resistance is futile.
They assimilate desire,
leave you like a wet noodle.

It's a brutal way of life,
way out in deep space.
Nine times outta ten,
ain't even with your own race.

The Prime Directive,
ain't the only thing I've violated.
Got some holodeck tapes,
may be triple x-rated.

Fade to black all the time.
but no sunset to ride to.
Just a quasar,
a nebula and Rigel 2.

It's the final frontier,
and it don't get any sweeter.
Don't follow any leaders,
or feed no parking meters.

Sure as hell ain't hearing lyrics,
like they coming outta walls.
Let cylons be bygones,
and I'll watch them all fall.

It's my time to shine,
it's the 2Spock age,
Helmsman, set course.
Max warp, engage.


from Strictly 4 My TREKKIEZ, released December 25, 2015
Music by Alex Carter



all rights reserved


2Spock Portland, Oregon

Quinn Allan is an actor, producer, and musician from Portland OR. His projects include Kid Apocalypse and 2Spock. Visit to see some of his film and acting work.

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