Love Fools

from by 2Spock

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This was the second song I wrote for this mixtape. It approaches the concept of love from a Vulcan's perspective. A kind of blunt Vulcan. It was fun to stick to a theme for an entire song. I really felt I said all that I wanted to say about this subject from this point of view. It's fun to get into the head of a character and then write a flow from that mind space. Really proud of a couple of verses here. Particularly the "one from the mind, one from the heart" section. It seems possible that on Vulcan they wouldn't have the idiom "One from the heart", but perhaps they would say "One from the mind".


Space. The final frontier.
These are the voyages of Vulcan rap sensation 2Spock.
His continuing mission to explore strange new rhymes.
To seek out new beats, and also some internet fame.
To boldly rap what no one has rapped before.

Look I may be number two,
but I'm second to none.
Just a Science Officer,
a bit emotionally numb.

It just doesn't make sense man,
don't follow no logic.
The heart is just a muscle,
it's strictly biologic.

Say why you say you gotta follow.
that machine in your chest.
You know it's just an organ,
a blood-filled pump at it's best.

And what if you've got two?
Can you love two times as much?
I know a certain Time-Lord,
who'd say that love is just a crutch.

Yet you all talk about it,
like it's a constant of nature.
Like space, or like time,
just common nomenclature.

Like it can reach out from the earth,
and across the universe.
It's highly unlikely,
that your race just knew it first.

We've lived for millions of years,
with no such thing as love.
Only took a few hundred,
when pushes came to shove.

And that's another thing.
With love there's always hate.
Two sides of the coin,
you gotta carry all that weight.

And what you think it's worth it?
Man it seems like quite a gamble.
Especially for a feeling,
that makes you drunk and start to ramble.

Way I hear it it can break you,
make you feel incomplete.
Don't even make it sound that good,
to be swept off your feet.

In so many words,
you say that love just trips you up.
If that's the glass that's half full.
don't wanna see that empty cup.

So then can someone explain,
why it's so very celebrated?
From the data I have,
seems love is kinds overrated.

Still it's the focus of basically
every form of your art.
You don't say one from the one mind,
you just say one from the heart.

I guess that for a planet,
who still blows themselves apart.
A bloody red theme,
it's an appropriate start.

Still I can't help but feel
if you valued logic just as much.
Oh wait, that makes you cold!
Don't wanna loose that personal touch.

It's the single greatest challenge,
for me to understand.
You think the two in the bush,
are worth the one in your hand,

But I guess that's the point.
You want some mystery to solve.
You'd rather chase that lost dream,
than try and still evolve.

It's like we're solving for X
when we still don't know why.
A gigantic waste of time,
and still you won't let it die.

So let's all keep up the search,
and we'll follow our hearts.
Don't need no tools to navigate,
no way we're doomed from the start.

"With love as our guide,
we can bear whatever comes!"
You still stick to your love,
just like you stick to your guns.


from Strictly 4 My TREKKIEZ, released December 25, 2015
Music by Kielen King



all rights reserved


2Spock Portland, Oregon

Quinn Allan is an actor, producer, and musician from Portland OR. His projects include Kid Apocalypse and 2Spock. Visit to see some of his film and acting work.

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