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This track is certainly the most canonical. It is framed as an entry into the ships log. Of course the details are not completely accurate, I realize that the Tribbles episode was in the second season so it was much later in the journey. I doubt Spock never made an entry till then as this track proposes. But it's 2Spock, so things happened differently. Why? Cause I said so!


We on a voyage,
a million light years from home.
All the secrets of the universe,
go straight to your dome.

It's a mission of peace.
It's a quest for some knowledge.
To better understand,
what they taught us all in college.

We call it Starfleet,
on a Federation planet.
We passed our simulations.
Kobayashi? Yeah we ran it.

Now we Constitution Class,
and it's ours to command.
It's a power most great,
we keep it in the right hands.

We gotta mission to do,
should only take us five years.
Seek out some new life,
so long as we don't interfere.

See we got some directives,
but only one's the most prime.
I can say it in words,
it's hard to say it in rhyme.

Jimmy Kirk is in charge,
and I guess he's alright.
Seems to think with his hands,
likes to get in a fight.

And when he's not fighting,
another "f" is his vice.
In either situation,
a stronger shirt would suffice.

He's a man of some culture,
Proves he's not just all brawn.
Usually keeps a level head,
just don't say nothing bout Khan.

As to be expected,
I'm still the only Vulcan.
Not that I am lonely,
and by no means am I sulking.

But the crew can seem tense,
humans have so far to go.
Anything that looks different,
makes their prejudice show.

I'm happy with my station,
I'm anxious for the journey.
Hoping to stay safe,
and off of Bones' gurney.

Such a fascinating man,
treats me with such mistrust.
Strange for such a man,
who's prone to ignorance and lust.

But my interest reaches out,
way past the furthest star.
To the varied possibilities,
Both near and both far.

There's so much to do,
on our five year trek,
"2Spock to the bridge"
guess I'm needed on deck.

I'll have to cut this short,
but you can leave little doubt.
I'll make a second report.
First Officer 2Spock out.

Second entry,
turns out it wasn't important.
Some clearance for a merchant,
who had recently boarded.

He brought some kind of life form,
says they make a nice pet.
Maybe I should have one,
not sure how many to get.

They seem quite entertaining.
Not sure how they can eat.
They're made up mostly of fur,
with no appendages or feet.

I'll have him write me some notes,
if simply only a scribble.
It's always best to take care,
don't want no trouble with Tribbles.


from Strictly 4 My TREKKIEZ, released December 25, 2015
Music by Alex Carter



all rights reserved


2Spock Portland, Oregon

Quinn Allan is an actor, producer, and musician from Portland OR. His projects include Kid Apocalypse and 2Spock. Visit to see some of his film and acting work.

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